Interlining with the summer we gather together around fires of peace music echoes the mind spoke to me upon the harvesting bails in justice never to fall into the shadows underworlds taking humanity grasping to the last fallen angel In spirals of doubt splitting stones gather warriors In sol particular lose commanded find yourself

By AlexD - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,
By AlexD – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

entangled keepers In vertere protection we are alone standing fast care for the people death becomes war never In salvation cauda take spheres of injustice grasp love abdication of hate ignorance vanquished to soil we will grow our trees In these fields take pace stand your dance Into freedom take minds clear of evil play the music

take the hurt follow hearts In motion grasp sunrise take peace learn to live again never ending circles craving the stars sail light solar imagination fate we pray I should care the mounters in spiral formation ride dark matter pathways solitude takes toll we are together In fractions of time find love. 

© Nicholas Leslie 2016 gentle honesty of light at
the beautiful chorus of warmth.

I Kissed You

I kissed you with the light in your eyes then forever fading to the moon don’t lie to me in your arms to the cold winds of winter dawns the day the birds will sing your name everlasting chorus through the darkness of our hearts we cast no shadow echoes of time lost of the romance of dancing light
birth this day freedom as the rain flows the rivers of life green fields my name oblivion essence the human nature

I can not loose you this way to fight messengers of the dammed no more gripping tight leaving this shore no protection raging blizzards of ice of the broadsword grasped tight in my fathers arms evermore falling from the grace we achieve nothing life born from destruction dragons breath clears all storm to this distant land I am no more the only son peace bring us together lost you to life find my mind we can love this day.


© Nicholas Leslie 2014