It’s not fact there is no illuminati this is a mass of disinformation mainly conspired to make money there are levels of insanity forthright in our governments. There have been conspiracy’s throughout the ages mainly in order for power over our fellow man. Satan as the story goes was cast from heaven for defending a mortal. It’s Is quite clear in history man has distorted belief systems for money and power in exercising and following there basic thought proses from the lowest level of the brain.

This Is quite shocking in this age to see this rife spreading fear and distortion across the minds of basic thinkers propelling more fear destruction and dissatisfaction. Humanity is locked at this level under the elitist systems the few governing the many of which placed by the few why do we give our own power away I tell you why because there system Is placed to keep you in fear and disillusion, we need to focus on relationships in all facets of the nature of community.

There Is without doubt particulate good and bad characteristic natures of our species what is needed Is a new belief system to calm all aspects of Sin yes I write this word in aspect of the nature of what humanity creates upon itself, There Is a need for a new world order and this needs to be found in a peaceful manner. Human life Is a miracle and should be treated as such this Is lost through basic thinking and emotions It’s time to start understanding and place compassion.  

 © Nicholas Leslie 2015 All authority should be accountable on a personal level even within a group of governmental authority
and held accountable personally as a individual In humanity.


Planting the weeping willow for my tree as the full moon rises across the night skies essence of love clearer understanding thrive in the minds of rainbow children

casting lines to the stars with no promises before time long forgotten catching wind in our sails as the sun rises to lands never seen

calling for you from the north meeting the west winds Earth dances embrace I fall at your feet my love we keep going never to say goodbye

no longer casting shadows the drums beat to the new day nevermore fear returning to singing angels along the charted ways under sails of freedom

you are my soul as the rain dances cleansing emotions run our minds visualize the summer breeze the sound of trees laying together in fields of understanding.

© Nicholas Leslie 2014